H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 53Z,

1096 AK, Amsterdam

About us

This company is more than just a business:

is a safe place for dedicated musicians and artists from the first moment we corporate.

meet the team

Julia Bartczak

Sound Engineer

This is Julia, she spends most of her time transforming emotions into sound waves and putting them in order to deliver personalized compositions.

Her main tool of work is Ableton Live in which she has many years of experience.

Passionate about analogue equipment and simple solutions that result in unique productions.

Pietro Iossa

Music Producer – No Cappuccino Studio CEO

This is Pietro, his world revolves around the studio, his second home.

He’s dedicated to creating premium quality content with a touch of magic, out of this world that you will not experience in any other production.

With passion for sharing his knowledge he will guide you towards finding your sound.

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