H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 53Z,

1096 AK, Amsterdam


We offer professional mixing and mastering services, as well as audio editing, recording, and restoration.


Our experience with music production helped us develop skills needed for excellent quality mixing.

With our professional studio facility and knowledge, we can provide a high-end product in any genre.

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Mastering is another crucial element of audio production. Finalizing tracks to be distributed is what we can provide on a professional level.

We are fluent with software dedicated for mastering and we can assure that songs mastered by us will be up to today’s standards.

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Our facility is an excellent place to record vocals and instruments. It is perfectly suitable for solo performance musicians, singers, rappers or for spoken word and voice-over recordings.

We provide different microphones that fit the task and we offer direction over the whole recording process.

If needed, we are able to rent any equipment chosen by client.

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Audio Restoration

We also offer service in audio restoration, eliminating pops, clicks, noise in audio, as well as audio editing and preparing it to be used professionally.

We mostly use Izotope RX plug-in in which we are very fluent.

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