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Sonic Branding

What is Sonic Branding

Successful brand is a memorable brand, this is when sonic branding comes in handy.

It is the strategic use of music, audio to create and define your brand audibly.

This entails the creation of an entire audio language for your brand, based on its purpose,
values and personality — a sonic language that gets expressed through all platforms:
from online, apps, events, TV and retail, to the product itself.

Why work with us

We will sonically organise your identity in an unforgettable way.

How do we do it?

We will guide you through the best sonic choices that will pleasurably let your brand be recognised accurately and distinctively.

We will make sure your brand assures longevity to your identity while enhancing awareness of your mood to the people.


Let’s take in consideration Netflix percussive sound logo.

It’s already setting you up as soon you hear that sound, carrying that fantastic cinema vibe at your house.

Same for the sonic logo of Netflix is “The” Streaming Service provider mainly because they have entered in the life of millions with their branding attitude, that involves Sonic logo, Brand Music, soundscapes and more.

You will sonically recognise Netflix also switching through their film categories.

A correct, specific and original audio design for your content can change the mood of your brand and can even be a distinguishable element that helps categorising content, services and campaigns, allowing to uplift and clarify the final brand identity gaining memorability.

Having us on your side will allow you to control this essential marketing element.

In 2009, according to Martin Lindstrøm 74% of Europeans could recognise the Nokia ringtone and associate the tone with the brand.

The company AT&T found out that when put calls on ‘silent hold’ nearly 60% of all callers hang up.
Hargreaves and North found out that ads with music that fits the brand are 96% more likely to be remembered than those with non-fit music. They have also found that respondents are 24% more likely to purchase the product in an ad which featured fit music rather than non-fit music.

Now the question is, how many people can recognise Netflix sound logo and associate to it, in 2021?
There is no data on this for the moment.

But there is a greater question here: how many potential clients that experience for the first time Netflix will more likely purchase the subscription? How much their audible content will influence the customers? (And in which way?)

We believe that after the first experience the consumer will remember of Netflix especially for the sound logo, distinguishable and omnipresent as long something starts to play on the website.


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